It is gratifying to note that BBMP has duly recognized the meritorious services rendered by the charities to the student community and has honoured the charities with “KEMPEGOWDA AWARD” on 08/04/2001. And a small financial assistance is also given by BBMP every year towards maintenance of students, further first cross , Chamarajpet and circle near Makkalakoota are named after B.K. Mariyappa thus making his name eternal. 

Sweet Memories



          Belonging to a poor family from a backward class, I was born in Hosur Village – Gowribidanur Taluk of Kolar Distirct. I completed my Lower Secondary Examination (at that time it was called so) from the same village school. At that time in the entire  Gowribidanur Taluk there was no High School. With the help of my Head Master Sri M.S.Narayana Rao, I joined National High School, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. By staying in Poor Students’ Hostel with free boarding and lodging for three years i.e, in 1938. I passed the SSLC Examination.

           From the beginning I had lot of interest in studies. To continue my studies being poor – I needed a hostel which gives free boarding and lodging. At the same time – I was not for a Hostel on caste basis. Only two such hostels were available at that time – one Sri Ramakrishna Students Home and the other Sri.B.K.Mariyappa Hostel at Chamarajapet. As such I submitted my application for both the hostels. Eligibility was there for me being poor and passing SSLC in First Class. The interview took place first at Sri.B.K.Mariyappa Hostel and I was given admission – A DAY IN MY LIFE TO BE REMEMBERED AND NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN.

           At this point – I wish to pay my salutations to Sri.B.K.Mariyappa – who in all probabilities is being remembered by lakhs of people who stayed in the abode, Sri.B.K.Mariyappa  Hostel. Out of these lakhs of people – I am one of them. People who have excelled in field of Science, Art, Culture, Engineering, Administration and many other fields after being an inmate of Sri.B.K.Mariyappa’s Hostel must be remembering THOSE MEMORABLE PLEASANT AND GOLDEN DAYS OF THEIR LIFE AND PAYING TRIBUTES TO ONE AND ONLY SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA – who shaped, tuned, fine tuned them. Sri.B.K.Mariyappa was not highly educated but he did much more than what a highly educated could have done. He was a person with a vision – could foresee the developments in the country – in the field of casteism and the poor who are keen on pursuing their higher studies – who could’nt do so for want of funds, accommodation and food. These facilities were there for the NEEDY, WORTHY, PROVIDED BY ALL IN ONE AND ONLY ONE SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA.

           Honorary doctorates are awarded to persons who excel in the field of their work, with due respects Sri.B.K.Mariyappa excelled IN HIS FIELD, HUMAN VALUES AND THE STUDENT COMMUNITY – and he much more than deserves A DOCTORATE FROM THE UNIVERSITY FOR THE SERVICES RENDERED AND GOING ON AND ON – YEARS – DECADES – IN THE FORM OF SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA HOSTEL AND ITS BRANCHES.

           It was rare feat at that time – a free hostel to DESERVING STUDENTS – this was done by SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA. Specialty of this hostel being – DESERVING STUDENTS WITH NO DISCRIMINATION OF CASTE, AS IN OTHER SIMILAR FREE HOSTELS FOR A SPECIFIC CASTE.

          I am very sure that each and every one is indebted to the GREAT SOUL SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA and remember the service done by him in reaching their peak.

          I used to go the INTERMEDIATE COLLEGE by walk – around 3kms from hostel and come back by walk – of course without  chappals. THE FIRST time I wore chappals in 1946 when I became a Teacher.  Quite a number were doing the same walking to the college by walk.

          In the hostel I used to play Volley Ball or Ball Badminton during evenings although I had no time for games but for studies as I have to come out successful to get admission in a free hostel to pursue my studies after the stay at SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA HOSTEL IS OVER. 

          I have to necessarily tell about one game “Paper Chasing” we played once or twice in an year which many people would not have heard of. Students were divided into two groups – one group Hares and the other is Hounds. We used to collect the waste and cut pieces of paper from printing press and collect in gunny bags and store. The game was played on a full moon or nearby full moon day after the dinner. The first party “HARES” leave the hostel carrying the gunny bags with paper pieces and spill it paper pieces on the road creaing confusion to the hounds. After half an hour “HOUNDS” party will leave chasing the “HARES”. “HARES” upto a distance spill the paper pieces and then go in different directions in groups. “HOUNDS” were to go, chase and find the “HARES”. However there was a time limit fixed and both the parties are to return to the HOSTEL by the specified time 15-16 miles we used to run and of course me without CHAPPALS but the fun – pleasure was inexplicable. At this time I wonder being young – was there so much strength and energy – the answer is yes and it was the fun excitement and pleasure – which party wins was not the point – it was the pleasure of competing and enjoying. Yes after coming back to the hostel BISIBELE BHATH/KESARI BATH and other items used to be ready – eat, enjoy and happily go to sleep after  a long discussion about the funny game “HARES AND HOUNDS”. Which I liked most and played, enjoyed . A moment of fun but now at this time I cannot play which has rested in my mind of my HOSTEL STAY SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA HOSTEL I would like to share with.

          At this juncture of all those who stayed at SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA’S HOSTEL who availed the benefit must join me in paying my tributes and respects to SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA but for him and his thoughts – his vision – his feelings – his human endeavour would not  have reached the HEIGHTS they are in at the moment. SALUTATIONS TO A SOUL OF A HIGH CALIBRE – APPRECIATING AND FEELING THE SUFFERINGS OF THE POOR. And he is not to remember us. It is we who are to remember him SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA – HE ONLY “GAVE” AND WE ONLY “RECEIVED”.

          Today marks the 120th Birthday of SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA well, I pay my respects to a great sould yes I do get a question in my mind WILL ANOTHER SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA be born. I for myself very sure that the answer can only be “NO” AND AN EMPHATIC “NO” since SRI.B.K.MARIYAPPA is IDEAL, UNIQUE AND ONE ONLY.